The Phrase I Hear Several Times A Day…..

It’s Spring and the school year is winding down. Those who do not work in the school system may think that everyone is calm and looking forward to summer break. Allow me, to set the record straight. This time of year is stressful if you work in a school! I walk into school and I’m bombarded with my own personal huge list of tasks to complete before the end of the school year. While I’m sorting through all that I need to do, one person after another stops by my office and tells me more details about specific students I’m working with or something new we need to meet about. While they are there, they take the opportunity to share their personal list of things that must be completed before the end of the school year and vent about their stress level.

Here is is the stress rant of School Psychologists everywhere this time of year: There are only X number of days left to assess all the children who have been referred for special education services, complete all of the transition plans for the students getting ready for middle school or high school next year, and hold all of those IEP meetings. These things need to be completed, in addition to all other regular duties, but not on the days assigned for State Testing, in between countless field trips, assemblies, and activities planned to celebrate the end of the school year. Oh, and someone let the kids know that summer break is coming soon, and inattention and behavior problems are on the rise lately.

So what phrase do I hear several times a day? “IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR!”

I’ve been at this long enough to not let it totally overwhelm me. I just keep smiling my crazy “I’m doing okay” smile and keep plugging, trying to give each student the time needed. All the sudden, one day it will all stop, and summer begins! Until then I’ll just keep saying and hearing others say “It’s that time of year!”

4 Responses to “The Phrase I Hear Several Times A Day…..”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just found your blog and I have to agree with everything you said!

  2. Brandon's Mom says:

    I am a parent with a 14 year old son who was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, although we’ve had mood struggles for years. IMHO, my son’s middle school psychologist walks on water. I can’t imagine what I’d do without her and her support, advice, good sense and trouble-shooting skills. I have often considered how my son is not the ONLY special needs student she has, and I have no idea how she juggles all the demands on her precious time. One of the ways I’ve found to express my appreciation to her is to write a letter of praise to the Superintendent and School Board. So, Erin, please know that somewhere out there are one or more frazzled, freaked out, worried parents who thank God that you are there, in the trenches helping them help their child. Sincerely, Brandon’s Mom

  3. Thank you for saying that Brandon’s Mom- Your timing was perfect. I really needed to hear it on this day. I’m glad that you have a good person to work with your son and helping him get the services he needs.

  4. D says:

    Hi Erin,
    I’m a school psychologist in Ohio and have visited your blog sporadically over the school year. Thank you so much for putting into words the feelings that many of us in the field share. I have a blog too and have written about work a time or two.

    Here’s a random question for you though: when you’re writing a report, do you underline or italicize the name of an assessment tool (i.e.: WISC-IV)? I usually underline, though I wonder if there is a “right” way to do it.

    Wishing you a stress-free end to your school year! πŸ™‚