Resolutions for Parents in the New Year

It’s a New Year and time for some resolutions.  Typically we focus on ourselves with New Year’s resolutions, but this year maybe we should decide on a resolution that will help our children to succeed in school.  Here are a few ideas to get you started….

  • Celebrate your child’s strengths:  Often our focus can be on the child’s weak areas and ways to improve those areas.  It’s natural to spend time and energy focusing on the weakness and ways to make that area better.  A child who is struggling in reading will need interventions and extra practice.  However, it can also have negative effects if the child feels that everyone is only focusing on what he can not do well.  Take some time this year to focus on the strengths of the child to help build confidence.   That confidence building begins with the parent’s view of the child.  
  • Praise Efforts:  It is easy to focus on the grades.  However, it is better when we praise the efforts, rather than the actual grade.  When our children try their hardest, we should praise that behavior, no matter what the final grade.  After all, we want our children to learn the value of hard work and determination, not just how to make good grades and have high test scores.  Children have more control over their effort than the grade given or actual performance on a test.  When they see your pride over their hard work, it will encourage them to continue putting forth that effort, even when they are not seeing the grades or scores that are desired.
  • Reduce homework stress:  Have a set time and place to do homework.  Help your child get into the routine of homework to reduce some of the tension that can occur during this time.  Teaching your child to use an assignment book or maintaining good communication with the teacher can also be beneficial.

What will your goals be this year?

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