1. Vote in the poll
It’s on the left side of the page. I haven’t had many voters yet, but the more I get, the more informative it will be for all of us. I plan to write an article about our responses. It will be hard to do that unless I hear from as many of you as possible. I think about 0.5% of my readers or less have voted so far. I was hoping for 20-30% or more.

2. Sign up for the Monthly Newsletter
Sign up on the right side of the page. It’s far from Spam, I don’t even get one out every month. Most months I send one email that highlights any new information or articles. It keeps you updated on new articles that may be helpful to you or others. I will never sell or share my email list. If you don’t want to keep getting it, you can have your email removed easily.

3. Email me article ideas
I want to know what you are looking for. Sometimes, I have writers block. Sending me your ideas will help me tailor my information to my regular readers.


2 Responses to “Reminders”

  1. Mike Adams says:

    thanks for this blog.
    I enjoy following it.

  2. jered says:

    Great blog. thanks for sharing!