Readers Respond About Your Own Experiences In the Schools

The readers of School Psychologist Blog Files were asked in February to share their own experiences and to vote on a poll “How do you feel about the level of education the school provides your child.” It’s important to understand that everyone’s experience is unique. The readers come from different states, different school systems, and different grade levels. Laws and standards vary somewhat between states. Within any state, there are schools that do a better job suiting the needs of children than others. Within any school system, there are those star schools, and the schools that need more attention. Even within the best schools, there are still going to be individuals who have negative experiences. Within the worst schools, there will be those who have positive experiences. Regardless of your school or your situation, I believe that the readers of this blog care deeply about their child’s education and have strong emotions about the education (positive or negative.)

The most popular response was “I generally feel good about the level of education, but have some complaints.” I was glad to see that many of you are mostly satisfied. I hope that continues throughout your children’s school career. Stay involved, speak up when needed, and compliment those who deserve it.

There was a strong outcry from those who endorsed “I feel as if the school is not supportive and I feel as though I am constantly fighting for his or her rights.” This was the second most popular answer. While many feel comfortable with their schools, there are many parents out there who have the unsettling feeling of sending their child to a place they do not feel good about. Many of the readers are feeling that getting appropriate services only comes with a fight. Some of you are not having good experiences. I hope that you are able to find some support and insight here from others.

A few of you feel very thankful for the high level of education that your child is receiving. I am thankful to hear that some of the parents here feel exceptionally good about their child’s school. Know this is a blessing that many others do not have.

Feel free to share your comments about experiences and offer some insight to others who may have similar experiences.

9 Responses to “Readers Respond About Your Own Experiences In the Schools”

  1. colts115 says:

    I think a major key in whether you have a good experience in your child’s school is how well the school staff relate to you and your concerns. As a school counselor, I find that when I take the time to listen to a parent, we generally end the conversation on a good note if they feel their concerns are being heard and that I will follow up with them. Parents who struggle often have had someone in the school be rude to them (or they perceive that the staff has been rude). As a parent, I have had a good experience and that may be somewhat due to having “easy” children. Well behaved, A/B honor roll, and I also feel they have had very good teachers along the way. There are many factors that go into whether you and your child have a good school experience.

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  3. Sharon Lutz says:

    I have had more difficulty than not with the school systems I have dealt with for my children. It seems as if they know the laws but dare us to make them follow it. I am glad to hear that others are having better luck than we did.

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  5. Hello, I am in the UK and have Asperger’s syndrome. I was diagnosed while in University and it is fair to say that my time on my Astrophysics course was not any better after diagnosis compared to before. I was temporarily excluded from the course upon diagnosis and when I returned after receiving some support from a UK psychologist, it was very difficult for me to make new friends on the course. I felt very isolated. Some students subjected me to bullying against my traits and the staff in the University did nothing to stop it. I subsequently failed the course.

  6. brooke says:

    to Chris .. My son has Aspergers and we have been very forceful to the schools in America to be more tolerant.. well that did not sound good. But we have found that Aspergers is a blessing.. keep the faith.


  7. Experiences in schools vary from students to students. Educational institutions have their own standards even if they are following the same curriculum. Nevertheless, wherever those students are, they are still the ones who make their learning experience fun. Positive learning experience is in the student’s hands.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    I live in Davenport Iowa. My husband was in the military for six years. We have been fighting for our Zach since he was born. The educators do not want to help according to what the medical doctors and etc. have laid out. They state things like my son is choosing not to talk. Well he has apraxia of speech.Then they do not follow the IEP @ all. So I am very frustrated and looking @ other school districts. If they cant help him when he is young what are they going to do in the future years? Yes he is preschool age and really only has speech issues but isnt he just as important as the other children who need services??? I guess not with how they are treating him.