Open letter to my readers

Dear Readers,

School Psychologist Files began 10 years ago.  It’s hard to believe it has been an actual decade!   It has been a joint effort with my Web Designer husband.   When it began, I was working as a School Psychologist part time and having 4 days off a week to be home with my baby.  My vision at the time was to create a website primarily for parents.  I sat through meeting after meeting with parents who were trying to understand and navigate Special Education.  I wanted parents to have a resource to find reliable information on what to expect at meetings and understand more about identified disabilities and Special Education laws.  I disliked how we had very little time to explain disabilities, parent rights, and test scores, all while having an individualized conversation about their child.  Parents often leave overwhelmed and didn’t always know what questions to ask.   I wanted to create a resource for parents to utilize on their own time at home.

Over the years, the website has grown with popularity that is amazing to me, but also overwhelms me a bit.  People are coming to School Psychologist Files and there are so many articles hidden within.   Staying on top of it is literally a part time job.   As my kids starting growing and I began working full time, the website got pushed to the backburner.  Being a School Psychologist is demanding in itself, and then I come home and need to be present with the kids, help with homework, cook dinner, get them to practices, etc.  It is not a surprise that updating the website has not been a strong priority for me the last few years.  I didn’t want to take the information down from the internet, because there is good information that many are finding useful.  My goal of reaching parents has been successful.  However, there has been some guilt that I have fallen far behind in responding to emails, making Facebook posts, and most importantly updating content.

School Psychologist Files has been on my heart this summer.  I have been doing some soul searching about what I want for the future of the website and spending some time in prayer.  I am working on a direction for the website that makes sense to me and to my audience.  Over the years, I’ve become much more focused on health and wellness.  When I started this, I’m sure I had lines of empty Dr. Pepper cans and candy wrappers beside my computer.  Now I’m more likely to have a smoothie made with veggies from my garden or water with a drop of lime essential oil.  (Although, I’m definitely still sneaking a Dr. Pepper occasionally)  Sometimes, I think of an article I want to write, and it has nothing to do with School Psychology.  I thought of starting a wellness website, but I’m struggling to keep up with the website I have, let alone start another one.  I can just imagine my husband’s reaction if I told him that I wanted him to design me another website!  The more I think about it, wellness and School Psychology are not that far apart.  I think that physical wellbeing is highly correlated with emotional wellbeing.  I can make sense out of having wellness related articles on School Psychologist Files.

So here is the announcement:  I’m adding a wellness section to School Psychologist Files and doing some restructuring.   I have been dividing my time into creating new articles for wellness and updating School Psychology content and deleting pages that need to take a hike.  I write better when I feel inspiration to write about a topic rather than forcing myself to write about something specific.  To keep me going, I am reinstating the monthly newsletter.   Each month I want to highlight 2 articles- one related to School Psychology and another related to wellness.  I am hoping this will keep me motivated and connected, since I have to pay a monthly fee whether I send a newsletter out or not.

Thank you to all my readers and followers.  Thank you for allowing some grace while my focus has been on my family and my job.  My family and job will continue to come first, but I want to carve out some time to focus on this website, which has truly been a huge part of my heart, particularly in my early career.   In order to be more authentic, I need this website to evolve with me as I have grown and changed.  I want to keep the heart and core of the website intact (although updated), while adding new content that is on my heart, whether that be Special Education related or wellness related.


Erin King, Ed.S, NCSP

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