Token System

The Token Economy System is a way to reward positive behavior.  The system is set up by the teacher and tends to work better when used with the entire class.  The teacher provides a token (play money, coin, card, etc.) when a student is caught with good behavior.  A student can receive a token for completing homework, for raising her hand, for walking in the hallway, or for any variety of good choices.  The token can then be used to purchase a reward later in the day or at the end of the week.

A teacher will have prizes available that a student can purchase.  There may be a set time of the week that the store will be open for students to redeem their tokens.  The prizes may pencils, small toys, extra time on the computer, or anything reasonable a teacher can provide.

This system is a positive way to encourage all students to make good choices.  It rewards the students with good behavior, while motivating students with more challenging behavior to make positive choices.  Since one reward will not be reinforcing to all students, this system provides a variety of rewards that can change over time.

However, the token economy system takes commitment from the teacher to make it work.  If the teacher is inconsistent in using the tokens, it will not be effective.  Teachers have to constantly be on the lookout for positive behavior and prepared to reward with a token.  The system can be a time commitment in getting it set up for the students.

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