School Psychologists are trained to offer consultation to teachers as a method of establishing interventions for a student in a classroom. Consultation is intended to be a cooperative process between school psychologists and teachers as an effort to promote success in students who are struggling. It can be used to help intervene with children displaying behavioral, emotional, or academic difficulties and help prevent the development of a more serious problem. Together, the School Psychologist and the teacher identify the problem, develop specific goals, brainstorm interventions, and create a plan to help the student become more successful. The psychologist helps the teacher to develop a detailed and specific plan for the student.

Consultative Problem-Solving Process
  • Establish a cooperative partnershipThe school psychologist and the teacher collaborate and develop a cooperative partnership. They share the mutual goal of wanting to promote success for a student. Relationship building is an essential part of this process.
  • Clarify the problemDefine the problem in clear, concise, and measurable terms. The consultant should help the consultee develop goals and expectations.
  • Problem AnalysisIt is important to collect baseline data for future evaluation of the intervention and to help clarify the problem. It is also important to look for precursors to the behavior. Environmental, instructional, and personal factors are important to consider.
  • Brainstorming and Exploring intervention optionsThe level of intervention must be determined first, and then brainstorming can begin. Several interventions may be suggested.
  • Selecting and interventionThe suggested interventions should be discussed and evaluated. The teacher and the school psychologist choose one intervention. Responsibilities should be clearly decided upon. See creating behavior plans for more info
  • Implementing the strategyThe intervention is implemented for a set amount of time.
  • Evaluating intervention effectiveness and follow-upEffectiveness of the intervention is measured by comparing current data with the baseline data. Determine if modifications to the intervention are needed.

Also see “Who Are School Psychologists” for more information on roles of a School Psychologist.

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