Concerns about Preschooler Development

Many parents watch every milestone of their child and have a tendency to compare to other children or compulsively look in books. Every child develops at their own pace and it usually is not a concern when one area of development occurs somewhat later than other children. However, when ther are multiple late areas of development or if one area is significantly delayed, it would be important to see if there is a Developmental Delay. Early intervention is always strongly recommended.

Parents can talk to the Pediatrician or call the Child Find office for your school district. Child Find will make an appointment to do a developmental screening with your child. A short screening instrument will be used to determine approximate development in physical ability, cognitive ability, communication ability, social/emotional development, and adaptive behavior. If any of those areas are found to be of concern during the screening, a more comprehensive assessment will be recommended to see if your child has a disability and would be eligible for Early Childhood Special Education Services. All services are free to parents. The screening is a requirement of the public school systems and are there for parents of preschool age children to take advantage of. If an evaluation is recommended, it will also be at the cost of the school system.

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