Do You Understand Test Scores?

Do you understand the scores from cognitive assessments, academic assessments, and behavior rating scales? Understanding the basics of these assessments and what the test scores mean is extremely important when your child has been evaluated for special education. If you…Read More

Do I Have to Sign?

Parents are asked to sign paperwork when services begin, when changes are made, and if services end. Let’s not stop there. Parents must sign before any assessments begin. Parents must sign that they attended meetings. Parents sign that they received…Read More

Triennial What?

This word gets thrown around in Special Education. If your child is in special education, you need to know what a triennial evaluation is and what it means for your child. What is a Triennial Evaluation? Every three years a…Read More

Emotional Disturbance

Emotional Disturbance is a disability category of Special Education. Students who qualify for special education under this category have emotional difficulties that are significantly impacting the child’s education. The child may or may not have a psychological diagnosis. A child…Read More