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What Parents Need to Know About the Special Education Evaluation

I spend most days of my life working with various students who are at different parts in the sped referral process. I attend Child Study Meetings where we decide if we are going to evaluate a student. I observe and screen children … Continue reading

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Do You Understand Test Scores?

Do you understand the scores from cognitive assessments, academic assessments, and behavior rating scales? Understanding the basics of these assessments and what the test scores mean is extremely important when your child has been evaluated for special education. If you … Continue reading

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Do I Have to Sign?

Parents are asked to sign paperwork when services begin, when changes are made, and if services end. Let’s not stop there. Parents must sign before any assessments begin. Parents must sign that they attended meetings. Parents sign that they received … Continue reading

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Assessing Bilingual Individuals

Two years into my position in a culturally diverse school system has taught me many things that I never would have learned in my previous position in a school system with much less diversity. I had hoped to be bilingual … Continue reading

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The Unpopular Realities of the Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for special education services is black and white. (I’m not talking about the color of skin.) Either the student fits the criteria or does not fit the criteria. The committee comes together with all the test data … Continue reading

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Academic Achievement Assessment vs. Classroom Assessment

Tests used in Special Education Assessment to measure academic achievement are quite different than classroom based assessment in several ways. The main differences between the academic achievement tests such as the Woodcock Johnson III or Wechsler Individual Achievement Test and … Continue reading

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Triennial What?

This word gets thrown around in Special Education. If your child is in special education, you need to know what a triennial evaluation is and what it means for your child. What is a Triennial Evaluation? Every three years a … Continue reading

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Emotional Disturbance

Emotional Disturbance is a disability category of Special Education. Students who qualify for special education under this category have emotional difficulties that are significantly impacting the child’s education. The child may or may not have a psychological diagnosis. A child … Continue reading

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There ARE Some Students Who Struggle, But Do Not Qualify for Special Education

It is very difficult for parents and teachers when a child who struggles in the classroom does not qualify for special education. To many it seems that if a child needs help, they should get an IEP. However, it is … Continue reading

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Section 504: What to know…

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the changes to Section 504, and what it will mean for students and schools. The primary change in which parents, schools, and students need to be aware, is the criteria involved. … Continue reading

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