A Personal Challenge to All Parents

Confession time. I tend to write this blog with my professional hat on, keeping my personal life, personal. Today, I am writing as a mother of two very dear, but very spirited children. People tend to think since I am…Read More

Make Homework Routine

By Guest Blogger, Penny Williams of {a mom’s view of ADHD} ADHD children do better with routine. It’s a proven fact. In a brain characteristically in chaos, the order routine provides is soothing. They need to know what to expect…Read More

Classroom Observations

Classroom observations occur to document behaviors and to help provide insight to teachers. Teachers are teaching and are typically focused on the overall learning of the entire class. It is not possible for a teacher to catch all of the…Read More

Parents Helping to Prevent Bullying

Bully prevention can occur at all levels. There are system wide programs that an entire school system can adopt. There are school wide programs designed to prevent and intervene when bullying occurs. Teacher awareness and prevention techniques can be employed….Read More

Anxiety in children

Children, and adults for that matter, have anxiety for a variety of reasons. For some of us, it feels like a normal part of our life, while others seem to have control over it. There are those people who seem…Read More

Structuring Environments for Students with Autism

Written by Guest Blogger: Cindy Golden, OMAC Consulting Students with autism require structure. Based on the DSM-IV (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) criteria, students with autism require several things to be successful in a classroom environment. They require: Physical Structure Behavioral…Read More