Do you wonder if your child might have ADHD? More than 5% of children now have a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Parents often look at hyperactive or impulsive behaviors and wonder, “Is this normal or is this ADHD?”…Read More

Sensory Processing

This article was originally posted on School Psychologist Files.   Sensory Processing Our senses help us understand and navigate our world. They help us feel, see, taste, etc. When one or more of those processes is more or less sensitive…Read More

Support for ADHD in the Schools

Penny Williams from A Mom’s view of ADHD and I decided to join forces this month in an attempt to reach more people through our blogs. I believe that many of my readers would find her blog helpful and I…Read More

Make Homework Routine

By Guest Blogger, Penny Williams of {a mom’s view of ADHD} ADHD children do better with routine. It’s a proven fact. In a brain characteristically in chaos, the order routine provides is soothing. They need to know what to expect…Read More

Top 5 Questions about ADHD- From Everyday Health

Everyday Health is gathering the responses of several professionals of the top 5 questions they get regarding ADHD. They asked me to participate. The following are the questions and my answers. Check in with Everyday Health next week to see…Read More

Diagnosing ADHD

When a parent has concerns about inattention or hyperactivity, they may seek an ADHD evaluation. The first question they might have is “Who is the best person to complete this evaluation?” There are different schools of thought on this, but…Read More

Other Health Impairment

Other Health Impairment- I just don’t like the way it sounds. To me it seems so distant and impersonal. It isn’t descriptive of the students disability. It’s just some “other disability.” Whether I like the name or not, it does…Read More