LRE is more than just good practice, it is law.

When a student is eligible for special education services, the type of services the student will receive is individualized and will depend on the needs of the student and the environment of the school. Schools are required to place the…Read More

Child Study Committee

When a student is struggling in the classroom (behaviorally, academically, or emotionally), a teacher or parent may want support in trying new strategies to assist that student. The Child Study Committee may just be the best avenue for gaining this…Read More

The Assignment Book

Organization is such a difficult skills to learn. Believe me, I know. I’m what my mom calls a “messy.” Then I married a neat freak. He’s learned to loosen up and I’ve become much more tidy. I’ve also learning some…Read More

7 Reasons to Sign up for the Monthly Newsletter

1. It has great articles and information for parents of children who are struggling in school. 2. It keeps you connected with new things on School Psychologist Files and the Blog. 3. I work really hard getting it together! 4….Read More

Behavior Intervention Strategy: The Behavioral Contract

Have a student who loves to get attention, even if it’s negative? Does your child not complete homework due to lack of motivation? Behaviors such as these, can often be corrected with the help of the behavioral contract. When done…Read More

What We Are Reading

What we are reading….. I’ve compiled several articles that I would like to share with the readers of this blog. These are the articles I have stumbled across that I felt would be the most helpful. I plan on doing…Read More

Parent and School Relationships

Positive? negative? supportive? combative? collaborative? harmonious? turbulent? Which word would you use to describe the relationship you have with your child’s school? Would that word vary from day to day? How would your school staff describe you or your relationship?…Read More

A day in the Life of a School Psychologist

Accroynmns abound Since Johnny didn’t respond well to the RTI methods, the CSC suggested we should conduct more testing. The WISC-IV, BASC-2, CAT-C were conducted by the School Psych, the WJ-II by the SPED teacher, and the CASL by the…Read More