Anxiety in children

Children, and adults for that matter, have anxiety for a variety of reasons. For some of us, it feels like a normal part of our life, while others seem to have control over it. There are those people who seem…Read More


I’m happy to say that an article from School Psychologist Blog Files was listed as part of “100 Incredibly Inspiring Blog Posts For Educators.” What do General Education Teachers Need to Know about Special Education was on the list! Thanks…Read More

Austim Awareness

It’s Autism Awareness Month if you haven’t heard yet. It’s amazing to me, how much more aware people are about autism than they were only a few years ago. However, there are also a lot of misconceptions about Autism. I’ve…Read More

Visual Processing

What is Visual Processing?When a person views the world, the brain will interpret what is seen through visual processing. This allows us to identify what we see and derive meaning. Ideally the brain will correctly interpret size, perception, and distance,…Read More

Structuring Environments for Students with Autism

Written by Guest Blogger: Cindy Golden, OMAC Consulting Students with autism require structure. Based on the DSM-IV (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) criteria, students with autism require several things to be successful in a classroom environment. They require: Physical Structure Behavioral…Read More