Parents Helping to Prevent Bullying

Bully prevention can occur at all levels. There are system wide programs that an entire school system can adopt. There are school wide programs designed to prevent and intervene when bullying occurs. Teacher awareness and prevention techniques can be employed….Read More

Triennial What?

This word gets thrown around in Special Education. If your child is in special education, you need to know what a triennial evaluation is and what it means for your child. What is a Triennial Evaluation? Every three years a…Read More

August 2009 Newsletter

The August Newsletter (Back to School Edition) has been sent. Sign up to receive future newsletters, so you don’t miss anything. Don’t worry about junk mail! I’ll never send more than one email a month and I’ll never give your…Read More

Parents Supporting Education

It has long been proven that the best way to teach is by example. Telling your child to value education is not nearly as effective as valuing education and leading by example. Showing your child that education is important to…Read More

Emotional Disturbance

Emotional Disturbance is a disability category of Special Education. Students who qualify for special education under this category have emotional difficulties that are significantly impacting the child’s education. The child may or may not have a psychological diagnosis. A child…Read More

Where to find the resources on School Psychologist Files and Blog Files for these Disabilities: ADHD Overview of ADHD FAQ about ADHD Diagnosing ADHD Classroom Interventions for Children with ADHD Other Health Impairment Autism Spectrum Disorders Autism Overview Asperger’s Syndrome…Read More

Summer Time

It’s summer time. For some of us that means

Transitioning from Elementary School to Middle School

The transition from elementary school to middle school is a huge milestone. It typically comes with a variety of mixed emotions. The students in Middle schools usually come from multiple elementary schools. This means meeting new friends, new teachers, and…Read More