Make Homework Routine

By Guest Blogger, Penny Williams of {a mom’s view of ADHD} ADHD children do better with routine. It’s a proven fact. In a brain characteristically in chaos, the order routine provides is soothing. They need to know what to expect…Read More

Top 5 Questions about ADHD- From Everyday Health

Everyday Health is gathering the responses of several professionals of the top 5 questions they get regarding ADHD. They asked me to participate. The following are the questions and my answers. Check in with Everyday Health next week to see…Read More

New posts coming soon!

I would like to apologize to my readers for the leave of absense over the last few months. The past few months have been excessively busy for me, and School Psychologist Files has been put on the back burner. Now…Read More

Classroom Observations

Classroom observations occur to document behaviors and to help provide insight to teachers. Teachers are teaching and are typically focused on the overall learning of the entire class. It is not possible for a teacher to catch all of the…Read More