5 iPhone Apps For School Psychologists

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School psychologists, counselors or related positions are very busy in the schools and frequently find themselves managing issues and student information while on the go. With mobile apps on a smartphone or tablet, a school psychologist or counselor can easily manage case information and scheduling while working from room to room, or school to school, managing issues far more efficiently.

The following smartphone apps for an Apple iPhone can be managed quickly to make the work of a School Psychologist easier. Each app program can be found by utilizing the Apple App Store via its search feature to find the particular program. With a name title the program will quickly appear, allowing easy download and installation to an iPhone or iPad.

1. Evernote

(cost: free)

This particular app is more than a simple notetaker tool. It allows the user to combine notes as well as photographs in files to then remember and retrieve information quickly. Additionally, files can be modified as needed, so working files can be pulled up and added to as necessary. The best part is that with an Evernote account the information then gets updated to Evernote’s Internet site for retrieval or use via desktop computer later on. So the same information can then be manipulated to be cut and pasted into other documents after the fact.

2. Google Calendar

(cost: free, must have a Google account)

A Google calendar is must, especially when juggling multiple schedules and meeting times. The information syncs with smart phones, allowing a user an easy ability to track, change, add or delete appointments or time tracking. With the ability to carry different calendars at the same time, a school psychologist can manage case time, a regular calendar, and other tracking on the same account. Unlike other apps, Google calendar is synced with your iPhone through the Google website.

3. PsycExplorer

(cost: $2.99)

This app provides a handy update on new psychology news and issues from field experts which can potentially be applied in school settings. Topics are broken down into usable categories such as development, motivation, cognition and more. Material includes videos as well as text, making the information easy to digest on the run.

4. Live Happy

(cost: $9.99)

Part of working with students as a school psychologist involves communication to resolve issues and provide the student alternatives for solutions versus the current behavior or lack of action. However, it also means a school psychologist often has to have the right thing to say at the right time. Live Happy provides suggestions and advice with positive psychology to help a psychologist advise on how to practice life-affirming behaviors. With this portfolio of ready information, a psychologist can have a ready portfolio of options and ideas to share with students, providing different ideas for different student situations.

5. Go-To Meeting

(cost: free for the app, subscribe for the service)

In a number of situations, a school psychologist may need to set up phone conferences between school administrators, other psychology experts, oversight personnel, parents and more. Coordinating all these meetings and phone conferences can be difficult if tied to a desk phone or competing for a shared conference line in a school office. With Go-To Meeting app, a school psychologist can easily log-in to the scheduling system and set up a meeting on the fly. Then, all the parties call the set phone number and access code, and a conference call meeting is initiated. The cost per month is low and easily associated with a business expense. In fact, many agencies and businesses prefer Go-To Meeting communications because the phone meetings cut down significantly on employee travel costs for the same meetings. Link)

There are many other options available through the Apple App Store, and with a bit of sleuthing a user can find an entire library of resources and related productivity tools as well. However, the above five apps are the easiest to download, pick up and begin using with direct application to what a school psychologist needs moving around a campus every day.

Users should always remember to use iTunes software on their desktop or the iCloud option to back up downloaded apps on a given iPhone or iPad. This allows the app to be restored should the mobile device glitch for some reason and has to be restored to default settings.

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